What is a healthy lunch?

What is a healthy lunch?

Lunch provides you with nutrients and energy to get through the afternoon. But not only that. Eating vegetables during lunch also makes it easier to get the recommended 250 grams of vegetables per day.

What do you take? A wholemeal bread roll with cheese and tomato, a green salad or rather a small warm meal? Whatever you choose: variation is good.

Advice for a healthy lunch

  • A healthy lunch provides 350-550 kcal and contains at least 75 grams of vegetables.
  • Opt for brown or whole-grain bread or other whole-grain cereals, potatoes and/or legumes.
  • Spread your bread with low-fat margarine or soft margarine from a tub.
  • Optionally, you can add a small day choice outside the Schijf van Vijf, such as a slice of meat, a spoon of sauce (such as salad dressing, ketchup or a teaspoon of mustard) or sweet fillings, such as apple syrup or jam.

Your own packed lunch or lunch at home

Bread, salad or homemade soup and always some fruit and vegetables. What do you take?

A good bread meal

  • If you opt for whole-grain bread, you get a lot of fibre for a feeling of satiety and plenty of carbohydrates, protein, fibre, B vitamins and minerals, such as iron. And bread is an important source of iodine, because special baking salt is used, to which iodine has been added.
  • If you spread your bread with low-fat margarine or soft margarine from a bowl, then you will get healthy fats and vitamins A and D.
  • A piece of fruit or vegetable, such as cucumber, tomato or radish, is a tasty addition to lunch.
  • A glass of semi-skimmed milk or buttermilk completes your lunch. Or take a bowl of low-fat or semi-skimmed yoghurt with fruit.

Alternatives to bread

  • A homemade salad. This can easily be taken to work, in a well-closed container. If you want a dressing, take an oil and vinegar dressing with some herbs and pepper, for example. If you take the dressing loose, the salad will stay fresh. The possibilities for salads are endless, as long as it contains a lot of fruit or vegetables. Add some wholemeal (baguette) bread and you have a good lunch. Do not forget to put the salad in the fridge at work, so it stays nice and fresh.
  • Soup from our own kitchen. A well-filled soup is an easy way to get vegetables and legumes. Tip: it is best to use as little or no salt as possible. Too much salt increases the risk of high blood pressure. There is also salt in a stock cube. You can use herbs instead to give your soup a great taste. Do you want a complete meal of soup? With a lot of vegetables, some legumes or tartar balls you can make a party of it. With whole-wheat bread, smeared with low-fat margarine or margarine from a tub, you have all the components of a healthy meal. Your homemade soup can be taken to work in a container that closes well. At least if you have a microwave or stove there, and you can keep the soup in the fridge.
  • A warm meal for lunch and a bread meal in the evening is of course also possible.

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