What is a healthy dinner?

What is a healthy dinner?

A healthy dinner consists of a lot of vegetables, a whole-grain product, a liquid fat and some fish, legumes, nuts or meat.

8 tips for healthy dinner

1. Plenty of variation

Vegetables and fruit
Lubricating and preparation fats
Bread, cereals and potatoes (including whole-wheat pasta, brown rice, whole grain couscous, etc.)
Fish, legumes, meat, egg, nuts and dairy
Drinks (what do you drink with food?)
Healthy dinner consists of a lot of vegetables, a whole-grain product, a liquid fat and some fish, legumes, nuts or meat.

2. (Day) without meat

Completely without meat or occasionally no meat? That’s no problem. You can also choose fish, legumes, egg or nuts with your hot meal.

3. Enjoy salt-free at dinner: not ready-made, but do-it-yourself

Salt increases blood pressure. You, therefore, do your heart and blood vessels a lot of pleasure if you eat less salt. There is a lot of salt in ready-to-eat meals. In addition, they often contain a lot of saturated fat and little vegetables. If you cook yourself, you have everything in hand. For example, instead of salt, you can use the following seasonings:

fresh herbs
dried herbs (mixes) that do not contain salt
onion, garlic, chilli pepper
balsamic vinegar
tablespoon of lemon juice

4. Grease well

If you vary between oil and liquid margarine or liquid baking and frying fat when preparing the hot meal, you will get unsaturated fats. They are good for your blood vessels. Oils do not contain vitamins A and D. Vitamins A and D have been added to liquid margarine and cooking and cooking fat.

5. Make sauces

It is highly recommended to make your own sauces. That is cheaper and salt is no longer necessary with onion, garlic and herbs. Ready-made sauces are usually too fat and too salty, such as cream sauce, satay sauce, gravy or sauce for fish or vegetables. Do you take a ready-made sauce with your hot meal? Then go for a small portion. Homemade meal sauces of pureed vegetables over whole wheat pasta and brown rice are of course fine.

6. Preparation miscellaneous

Cooking, steaming, grilling, stir-frying, baking … these are some ways to prepare your food just a little differently.

7. Fruit for dessert

Have you not yet reached the recommended amount of 2 servings of fruit? You can easily eat fruit with dessert. A bowl of fruit salad with low-fat yoghurt is quickly made.

8. Eat your dinner carefully

Make it attractive to sit at the table, whether you eat alone or with others. You do this by eating at a set table, away from the computer and television. Take your time and enjoy your meal. Do you really taste what you eat? Let it taste well and don’t take another bite until your mouth is empty. Tip: you can eat more easily if you put down your cutlery every now and then.

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