Our mission

Hi all! We are Thom (right) and Claire (left) and we are the owners of DailyFreeWorkout. Nowadays, everyone wants to improve their body, but many online workouts are paid, too complicated, or full of advertising. That is why we have built this website. DailyFreeWorkout is a platform that collects workouts from all over the internet and displays them organised in one place.

As students, we live a busy life. Finding time to go to the gym or go for a walk isn’t always easy. That’s why DailyFreeWorkout provides you with a 5- to 30-minutes workout, every day. We’ll even send you an e-mail, or a pop-up when the new workout is posted. And the best thing? It is completely free! We want you to become a healthier person.

Sadly, we do show ads on our website. That’s not because we want to get rich, but because hosting one of the biggest fitness websites in the world, costs a lot of money. All money collected from the ads will be reinvested in a better DailyFreeWorkout.