How to eat healthy

How to eat healthy

Why is healthy eating and drinking important?

Your body gets nutrients from food and drink. Eating healthy gives you the nutrients you need to grow. Healthy nutrients also prevent you from getting certain diseases, such as diabetes. In addition, a healthy diet makes it easier to maintain a healthy weight.

What is healthy eating and drinking?

Eat as many different products as possible. This way you get all the nutrients.
Eat fruits and vegetables every day.
Eat little saturated fat. Saturated fat is high in animal products, such as cheese, sausage, fatty meat and whole milk products.
Drink enough: about one and a half litres of fluid a day.
Drink as few soft, yoghurt or energy drinks as possible. It often contains a lot of sugar.

Tips for eating and drinking regularly and well

Not only what you eat is important. Also when you eat is important.
Breakfast always.
Eat as much as possible at set times.
Don’t skip a meal: have breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Eat something healthy between meals 1 to 4 times a day.
Why is fatty and sweet food unhealthy?
Fat and sweet products contain a lot of sugars and energy (calories), but few nutrients. Think of soft drinks, energy drinks and chocolate or candy.

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