How often should you train?

How often should you train?

How many times a week do you have to go to the gym or do a workout at home for the best results? That’s a difficult question and it depends a bit on your situation.

According to a new study in Sports Medicine, you get the best results if you train each muscle group twice a week.

During this study, they analyzed muscle growth in people who trained once, twice or three times a week for a few months. For example, it was discovered that if you train a muscle twice a week, it grows much more than if you train it once a week. “Logic”, you may think, but please note; you only achieve this result with the same number of repetitions. So preferably 6 sets on Monday and 6 sets on Thursday.

The theory behind this is as follows: fitness (strength training) triggers a muscle for 48 hours. After these 48 hours, your muscle will no longer grow unless you train it again. Then you give your muscle a boost for 48 hours, so the more you train, the bigger your muscles get. It is of course very important that you replenish the proteins in your muscles after your training.


The people who trained three times a week achieved the same results as the people who trained twice a week, so it works to some degree. If you split your workout in the upper and lower body, do two times twice. So Monday; upper body, Tuesday; lower body, Wednesday; rest, Thursday; upper body, Friday; lower body (for example).

If you prefer to do a total-body workout, it is advisable to exercise three times a week, but you should cram as many exercises as possible into a training so that you also work longer. A personal preference for everyone …

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