#24 Get a STRONG biceps FAST part III

#24 Get a STRONG biceps FAST part III

This week we are going to train the biceps. Every day you get one special exercise from us, that you can combine with another workout that we already have put online. We wish you lots of success, and above all a lot of fun!

Upper arms are a storage place for fat, and even the slimmest people who do not have a gram of fat on their body can also have limp arms due to a lack of training.
Everyone will sooner or later experience a weakened skin and weaker upper arms. But by doing special exercises regularly you can keep your arms in good shape.

Preferably also start walking, jogging or aerobics. That will burn the fat all over your body, making it more effective than doing only topical exercises. In addition, you also do the exercises that are specially designed to train your upper arms.

Dumbells or water bottles
If you do not have any weights at hand and you want to start right away, you can also fill two water bottles with water or sand. Or read how you can train your arms without weights.

Do all exercises 10x and repeat the entire series 3x.

Exercise 3
Take one weight and keep it at shoulder height
Extend your arm until it is vertical
Repeat this 10x and then do the same on the other side.

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